Friday, 10 February 2012

Weekend wants #02

1. Fashionology Cross Bracelet £13.40: This is such a cute bracelet, which I first spotted on Beauty Crush's Youtube.

2. Barbour waxed jacket £199.95: So bloody expensive but so bloody amazing! This is actually the mens jacket but I prefer the cut of it. I see this as more of an will never go out of fashion and is actually a sensible coat (eg. warm and waterproof).

3. Topshop sunglasses £16: I have wanted some large rounded sunglasses for ages and spotted these babies today...I told myself I would stop buying loads of cheap sunglasses and invest in good quality pair once a year, but I may have break that promise for these beauts!

4. Topshop animal stud sweater £35: I have actually brought this already as I saw in online earlier this week and added it to my wishlist, but I saw it in store on Wednesday I thought to myself If I don't get it now it will sell out and I'll be gutted I didn't get I got it! (great justification to myself there!).

5. Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator £46: I am obsessed with skincare at the moment...mainly because I have actually got a good routine now which seems to be helping! This is next to buy on my skincare wishlist!

6. American Apparel Disco pants £70: Who doesn't want a pair of these at the moment...Ive been trying to track down some cheaper versions luck so far :( let me know If you know of any!


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